Dear W, (forgiveness)

Image by Unsplash

Image by Unsplash

Dear W, 

Why do I want to forgive you? 

Because it’s time to move on with my life. 

I forgive you because as I move on, I let go of any anger, resentment and bitterness. As, everyone knows that to achieve happiness, we must let go of anything in the way of that. 

I forgive you because the truth is that I am better without you. So, for freedom and peace of mind, I choose forgiveness. Freedom of any former bondage that was tied to the expectation that either of us would be around and together forever. Now that we know that that is not true, I walk free with forgiveness. 

I forgive you because any negativity that I might feel towards you, will only affect me and my future. 

I can see my future so clearly, I am at peace with my future partner, drama-free, resentment-free and filled with all the benefits that The Universe will bless me with as a reward for letting you go.