Dear God, did I give up too soon?


Image from Unsplash


Dear God,

Please guide me. I need your direction.

You gave me all these signs and lead me to someone who seems so broken and in pain. And, we all know about people who are broken and in pain, they replicate it onto others. I have dealt out my share of pain onto others and received a fair hand enough to know that that is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

I have done too much work on myself to be lead backwards. I only want to move forward. God, guide me to light. I’m tired of being on the journey of light alone. You promised me a partner.

A partner who is kind, loving and supportive. I can do it alone but I would prefer this journey to be with another and with the person that you lead me to. However, his actions have shown me that he is not prepared for the light. He chases light but once he has it, sabotages it. I don’t have the energy or time to hold someone accountable for their own guidance to light, that has to come from him. Because I will only become more resentful if I stay and he continues to behave like this.


I am worth respect, kindness, compassion and a healthy form of love. God, a part of me is afraid that if I walk from this man then I will never be with my soulmate. The one who you told me was my true love. So, I am not sure what to do. I choose to be with someone who puts me first and will not settle for anything else.

God, please guide me? You know what is best. You’ve shown me before, please show me again? I want to stand up for myself and what I believe in and also be with my soulmate. Is this possible? I am done with my Ego. I am done with facades; I just want to be true. True in love, true in self, true in wealth and true in presence.

I know that this is possible, please guide me? I am patient. I trust you. You have never let me down.