Querido Dios,(cortando lazos con alguien)

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Querido Dios,

Por favor, dame la fuerza que necesito para progresar. Sé que sabes cuánto intenté hacer que esto funcionara. Mi fuerza anterior para esta relación me ha dejado en esta posición. La posición donde tengo que elegir a dónde ir. Elijo seguir adelante sin esta persona.

Por favor, muéstrame cómo? Tengo clara mi decisión y necesito su orientación sobre cómo mantener la paz y el amor durante este difícil proceso.

Estoy en el punto de mi vida donde el amor, la paz y el respeto son las cosas más importantes para mí; Si algo / alguien no se alinea con él, elijo dejarlo ir. Por favor, ayúdame a alinear mis opciones? Al darme la fuerza para mantener la distancia entre yo y esta persona. Está claro que esta persona sigue guiándome por una trampa para hacerme sentir mal por mí mismo y por mi existencia.

Creo en mí mismo y en lo que defiendo, por favor, dame la fuerza para alejarme de las personas que me tratan como si fuera segundo o indigno.

Dios, creo que lo harás porque siempre has estado ahí para mí.

¿Por favor guíame para seguir adelante con amor y perdón?


Dear God, (my prayer for cutting ties with someone)

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Image by Unsplash

Dear God, 

Please give me the strength that I need to progress. I know that you know how hard I tried to make this work. My previous force for this relationship has left me in this position. The position where I have to choose where to go. I choose to move forward without this person. 

Please show me how? I am clear about my decision and need your guidance on how to maintain peace and love during this difficult process. 

I’m at the point in my life where love, peace and respect are the most important things to me; if something/someone does not align with it, I choose to let them go. Please help me align my choices? By giving me the strength to keep distance between me and this person. It is clear that this person keeps leading me down a trap to making me feel bad about myself and my existence. 

I believe in myself and what I stand for so, please give me the strength to walk away from people who treat me like I am second or unworthy?

God, I believe that you will because you have always been there for me before. 

Please guide me to moving forward with love and forgiveness? 


Dear W, I forgive myself.

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Image by Unsplash

Dear W, 

It wasn’t all of your fault. I played a part too. 

That is why I forgive myself. I forgive myself because this has taught me the cycle that I thought that I was done with. 

I forgive myself because sometimes the journey takes falling and falling to get up again. Now, that I am up, I am grateful for my fall. How ever many times I did fall. 

I forgive myself if I am hard on myself, I will never progress. Progression is the only route. The route to light. 

I forgive myself for expecting another human to be my life source; when I know that God is the only life source in this Universe. 

I forgive myself for being angry, judgemental and uptight. None of these characteristics will lead me to peace. Only forgiveness will. And, that is why I forgive.

Dear W, I forgive you- day 2

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Image from Unsplash

Dear W, 

I want to forgive you. 

I forgive you for leading me down a road of messiness and selfishness. A road that continues to remind me that you only care about yourself. 

I forgive you because moving forward is my choice and I choose progression. 

I forgive you because life is too short to hold onto the past. I was counting and waiting for you to change and sacrificing myself. That is why I forgive myself. I forgive myself because I knew not to believe you. 

I forgive myself for my naïvety and for having hope. I forgive myself for being in and out of this relationship. I forgive myself for holding on the second, third and fourth time; when I should’ve let go the first. 

I want to forgive because I want my heart to filled with love and not hate.

Dear W, I forgive you.

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Image from Unsplash

Dear W, 

I want to forgive you. I want to forgive you for acting like a child and pretending to be an adult. 

I forgive you for your insincerity and insecurity as I am not sure that you are aware of how your actions have affected anyone else other than yourself. 

I forgive you because no matter how many times you say that you will behave a certain way and behave another; ultimately, I am responsible for my own peace. 

I forgive you because I am done questioning the outcome of what we are and just want peace. 

I forgive you because nothing is as powerful as making a decision to move forward in progress. 

As I progress, I do so to heal what once was. They say that forgiveness is medicine and that is why I forgive because whatever has happened between us has left me needing to heal. 

I forgive you because everything is falling into place and one day, I will understand why everything has turned out the way that it has. Until then, I will continue to forgive. Forgiveness always leads me to light.

Cher W,

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Cher W,

Merci pour ce voyage que nous avons fait, ça a été coloré.

Avant toi, j'ai vu l'amour en noir et blanc. Maintenant, je le vois en couleur.

Vous m'avez appris à rester et à plonger dans l'océan d'amour et pour cela, je vous en suis reconnaissant à jamais.

Qui savait que je devais apprendre des choses sur l'amour? Et que ce soit toi qui m'apprends à rester quand mon ego me dit de partir.

En regardant en arrière, j’étais une fille et vous aimer a fait ressortir la femme en moi.

Merci d'avoir tenu le coup et je suis désolé de ne jamais l'avoir laissé. Je vois l'image plus grande maintenant.

La photo de vous, nos enfants, nos animaux et notre famille. Aussi heureux que nous pouvons être.

Merci pour ce voyage. C'est irremplaçable.

Votre sincèrement

Dear W,


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 Dear W,

Thank you for this journey that we have been on, it has been colourful.

Before you, I saw love in black and white. Now, I see it in colour.

You have taught me to stay and delve deep into the ocean of love and for that, I am forever grateful.

Who knew that I had to learn some things about love? And, that it would be you who teaches me to stay when my Ego tells me to go.

Looking back on my past relationships, I was a girl and loving you has brought out the woman in me.

Thank you for holding on and I am sorry for ever letting go. I see the bigger picture now.

The picture of you, our kids, our pets and family. As happy as we can be.

Thank you for this journey. It is irreplaceable.

Yours truly,

4 Things that I learnt from dating my stalker.


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Out of respect for my current relationship, I was going to keep this matter private as my loyalty lies with my current partner. However, I want to revisit the past for a moment to share what I learnt from dating my stalker sometime ago.

A little while ago, I ended up dating someone who (I came to find out) had been following me and calling me off of ‘no-number’ for 3 years. I broke up with him because I noticed that he had controlling and secretive ways so when the truth came out, I asked myself many questions. Mostly, how could this happen to me? The truth is that it can happen to anyone because the people hunt out their prey and, once they decide that you are the one to hunt down, that is that. They will become who they think you want them to be so that you will end up with them.
I hope that this story helps someone who is going through what I went through or is currently going through it.
This is what I learnt from dating my stalker:

1. Trust your intuition.
It pains me to say that there were tell-tale signs. People would say things like, ‘he is obsessive towards you’ and, ‘be careful around him’. One night, two years ago, we went on our first date and he walked me home, knowing exactly where I lived without me telling him. I questioned whether I had told him or not; only to remember that I hadn’t. You might ask, why didn’t she remember if she told him or not? Which strengthens my point. My intuition questioned how he knew; however, I brushed it off and thought, he would never follow me home. Everytime that I forget, I am reminded that intuition is the way that God/The Universe speaks to us. So, when a little voice in your head says, ‘hmmmm’ or ‘interesting?’ Pay attention! It could save your life.

2. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.
When I dated my stalker, he would always say the right thing. I found it weird that he would always say exactly what I needed to hear. You might ask, what is wrong with that? The answer is that sometimes the right answer all the time is inauthentic. It got to the point where I felt as though he was only telling me what I wanted to hear so that I wouldn’t leave him. I also noticed that he was overly kind and considerate to me but not to others. Which, made me question his motives. If someone seems too nice to you but has difficulty being the same with others, it is something to be concerned about.

3. Don’t blame yourself.
When I found out that I had dated someone who had studied me, stalked me and had been calling me for three years, it was tough. The toughest part about it was how idiotic I felt. I looked back to the numerous amount of times that he showed who he really was but I chose to ignore it. Sometimes, it still stings when I remember little things that showed who he was. However, blaming myself won’t lead to progress. I decided to progress through forgiveness and understanding. Some lessons are tough ones so that we remember what we have to for the rest of our lives, or for until we forget after a long time.

4. Love is real.
The irony in me ending up in a relationship is quite humorous as, when I entered it I was madly in love with someone else. My intentions of entering the relationship were inauthentic. I always knew that ‘my stalker’ had liked me more than I liked him so I tried to convince myself to be with him. So, The Universe matched my inauthenticity with another’s. In no way, shape or form was it my fault; however, if I didn’t have the need to be adorned and pampered at a time when I was in love with someone else then, I might not have dated him. Thank God that I made it safe and sound. After all of this happened, I kept asking ‘How did he not try to kill me or attack me?’ I don’t know the answer to that question. One thing that I do know is that when being real and authentic is protection. It protects you from people who are fake and vibrations that are low. I choose and will always choose to be authentic about my feelings and who is in my life because needing people around who fuel the ego is dangerous as they probably want something from you. And, you might have no idea what that something is.